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March 2019 Tech Update Newsletter

Microsoft Adds Two New Data Types to Excel

Microsoft recently added two new data types to Excel – 1) Stock and 2) Geography. With them, you can enter information such as locations or stock ticker symbols into your spreadsheets. Upon doing so, Excel then retrieves relevant information that pertains to that data.


Security Spotlight:

Should You Use a Personal VPN?

In an era in which many technology users worry about data security and personal privacy, questions abound about how we can establish secure connections to the Internet.  In many cases, a personal Virtual Private Network (VPN) will improve the security of your data and maintain the privacy of your sensitive personal information. 


K2 Enterprises Highlights March
Webinar Series

Throughout the remainder of March, K2 Enterprises is hosting six webinars, providing technology-focused CPE opportunities to accountants and other financial professionals. The topics for these sessions include coverage of Excel, PDFs, purchasing technology, and analyzing data. Specific dates and topics for these webinars are listed below.

March 26

  • K2's PDF Forms - Retire the Typewriter
  • K2's Powerful Data Analysis with Power Pivot
March 27
  • K2's Accessing and Cleaning Data with Excel, Power Query, and Power Pivot
  • K2's The Right Stuff: Best Practices for Purchasing Technology
March 28

  • K2's Adobe Acrobat DC - Big Changes for PDFs
  • K2's Tech Tools and Gadgets for a More Efficient You!
You can obtain complete details for each session, including learning objectives and registration information by clicking the button below.


Unpivoting Data with Excel's Power Query Tool

Power Query – a feature available in Excel dating back to 2010 – has emerged as “mainstream” tool for many Excel users. No doubt, Power Query makes it easier for us to access and link data from external data sources, such as our accounting, ERP, practice management, CRM applications. However, one of Power Query’s best features is its ability to “cleanse” and “transform” data to make it more useful and easier to manipulate and analyze. One of the more powerful transformations available in Power Query is its ability to “unpivot” data. In this tip, you will learn how easy it is to take advantage of this feature.


K2 Adds Office 365 Coverage to 2019
Seminar Series

In recognition of the growing number of Office 365 subscribers, K2 Enterprises has added an eight-hour seminar to its 2019 lineup of continuing professional education courses that focuses on how to take full advantage of Office 365. More than just a discussion on new features in popular applications such as Excel, Word, and Outlook, in this session participants will learn about many of the deeper features available in Office 365, including how to collaborate effectively, how to keep information secure, and best practices for using SharePoint Online. If you are using Office 365 -- or are considering moving to this platform -- you should make plans today to participate in this program.