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February 2019 Tech Tips Newsletter

K2 Announces 2019 Conference Schedule

K2 Enterprises has announced its 2019 Technology Conference schedule. During 2019, K2 team members will present 23 of its' renowned conferences through the United States. Click here to learn more about these events and how you can participate.

K2's Security Spotlight: Where Is Personal Privacy?

A recent article from the Wall Street Journal revealed that millions of smartphone users disclose personal and private details to Facebook through various apps. Click here to continue reading this story.


Microsoft Announces Major Changes to OneNote, Teams, and Outlook

In a series of messages this month, Microsoft announced major changes to OneNote, Teams, and Outlook. These changes potentially impact Office 365 subscribers who use these tools in various capacities. To learn more about these changes, click here.

QuickBooks Online Offers Next-Day ACH Payments

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business – there’s no disputing that. For small businesses using QuickBooks Online, Intuit now offers next-day deposits of customer payments into your bank account. Click here to learn more about this service offering.


K2's Upcoming Webinar Schedule

Through the end of March, you have the opportunity of joining the K2 team in a series of productivity-enhancing webinars and earn CPE credits at the same time. Twenty sessions are scheduled across a variety of topics. To see the complete calendar of events and to register for these programs, please click here. Remember, with K2 webinars you have the opportunity to learn from the convenience and comfort of your home of office.

K2's Technology Tip: Adding Performance Bands to Charts

Many business professionals use charts in an attempt to communicate more effectively. But not all use them as well as they should. In this tip, you will learn how you can add performance bands to your charts in Excel to enhance your message and help your readers to truly understand the meaning of the numbers. Click here to continue reading this tip and see the related video.