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January 2019 Tech Tips Newsletter

Emerging Technology for Accounting Professionals

What emerging technology affects the accounting profession? While there will always be new technology, this is a time period of major transition. Further,  the transitions caused by the new technology are happening so rapidly that there are daily changes. Additionally, there are new opportunities to leverage emerging technology that have algorithms that drive their capability. Finally, as emerging technologies become mainstream, you’ll be better prepared to understand the benefits. Determine the merits, assess the applicability, and return on investments in these new technologies. Click here to continue reading this article.

K2's Security Spotlight: Add-ins for WordPress

WordPress is a popular tool for creating and working with websites. In fact, many estimates show that WordPress is the most commonly-used tool for managing content on websites. To illustrate, the team at K2 Enterprises uses WordPress to maintain its website. Further, it is likely that your organization uses WordPress to manage content on its website also. Click here to continue reading this article.

K2 Announces Twenty Live Webinars Available in February

K2 Enterprises is proud to offer twenty webinars throughout February. Each webinar provides a focused learning opportunity on the scheduled topic. Further, you may choose from a variety of topics, including Excel, Outlook, PDF documents, Power BI, and QuickBooks, among others. Click here to learn more about webinar dates and topics.

TECH TIP: Managing Windows and Microsoft Office Updates

In this world of Software as a Service (SaaS), one of the challenges we face is knowing which version of an application we are running. This is important because the features that are available to us vary based on the version of the application we are running. Click here to learn how you can identify and manage your Windows and Office updates.


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