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June 2019 Tech Update Newsletter

Automating Your Reports with Excel's Power Query Feature

Excel’s Power Query provides fantastic opportunities for business professionals to automate many reporting processes and practices. Ranging from simple queries to sophisticated data transformations, you can use Power Query to automatically handle many time-consuming tasks. Read on, and in this article, you will learn how you can take advantage of Power Query.


Multi-Factor Authentication - A Necessity In Today's World

From the perspective of data security, today’s world is an extremely dangerous one. It is hard to go a single day without hearing about yet another data breach, a phishing incident, or some other form of security nightmare. Yet, virtually all of us have a simple and highly effective security option available in the form of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). In this article, we explore MFA and how and why you should implement it to improve the security of your data and reduce the likelihood that you will become yet another victim.


K2 Enterprises Highlights July
Webinar Series

Throughout July, K2 Enterprises is producing seventeen webinars, providing technology-focused CPE opportunities to accountants and other business professionals. The topics for these sessions include coverage of Excel, budgeting, business intelligence, Outlook, Word, and analyzing data. Specific dates and topics for these webinars are listed below.

July 10

  • K2's Excel Techniques for Detecting and Preventing Fraud
  • K2's Mastering PowerPoint for Effective Presentations
July 11
  • K2's Microsoft Outlook - Inbox Organization and Optimization
  • K2's Do It Yourself Business Intelligence
July 17
  • K2's Reporting Tools for Productivity
  • K2's Working Effectively from Anywhere
July 18
  • K2's Security - A Practical Guide
  • K2's The Best Kept Secrets of Windows 10
July 23
  • K2's Tales of True Tech Crimes - Ripped from the Headlines
  • K2's Tech Update
July 24
  • K2's Emerging and Evolving Technology Standards for Accountants: Don't Get Left Behind
  • K2's Understanding Key Internal Controls Over Technology
July 30
  • K2's Data Transformations with DAX Formulas
  • K2's Improving Productivity with Office 365
July 31
  • K2's Mastering Advanced Excel Functions and Formulas
  • K2's Integrating Excel with Word and PowerPoint
  • K2's QuickBooks Power Reporting with Excel
You can obtain complete details for each session, including learning objectives and registration information by clicking the button below.


K2 Team Members On The Road In July

During July, K2 team members are scheduled to deliver 23 in-person training sessions in 15 settings across North America! A summarized schedule is shown below. We hope that you will be able to attend one or more of these sessions, and we look forward to the opportunity of serving you soon.