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May 2020 Tech Update Newsletter


Five Ways You Should Use Microsoft
Teams Today

Since its introduction, Microsoft’s Teams platform has enjoyed widespread success and adoption. However, most organizations are not taking full advantage of all Teams has to offer. Beyond just a tool for hosting meetings, Teams offers so much more! In this article, you will learn about five specific features in Teams that you should be using today.

Working From Home

The Importance Of CRM To Manage And Grow Your Business

Higher client expectations and economic demands are causing firms of all sizes to re-evaluate how technology can help them strengthen client relationships and grow their practices.  Above all, customer relationship management (CRM) systems can help you manage and grow your business.

Rethinking Sorting And Filtering Options In Excel

When sorting or filtering data in Excel, most users instinctively click the drop-down arrows at the top of a column to initiate the process.  Alternatively, they flock to the Data tab of the Ribbon and click on the Sort or Filter icons there. While there is certainly nothing wrong with either of these approaches, better options exist if you are using Excel provided through a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscription. In this tip, you will learn how to take advantage of these better options, namely Excel’s SORT and FILTER functions.

Work At Home

Insights On Work At Home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies had to work at home. Professional accounting firms were no exception. Technology now plays a significant role in virtually every type of business. During a post-tax season debriefing, it was interesting to learn what worked and what did not work during this time. 

Remote meetings became common. Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and workflow became critical, too. Firms that used outsourcing wound up with work at home advantages. Companies that provided cloud services like Microsoft and Amazon stepped up their game. Why? To handle the extraordinary volume reported being as high as a 770% increase. What worked and what did not work for you?

Controlling Slicer Filters In Power BI

If you are working with Power BI, you probably already know how powerful Slicer filters are. The ability to add a Slicer and have it automatically filter everything on the report can be great! But, what about instances where you do not want the Slicer to filter all your tiles? Instead, you want the Slicer to filter only some of your tiles. How can you control your Slicers? Fortunately, as you will learn in this tip, managing Slicer filters in Power BI is exceptionally easy.


K2 Enterprises Highlights
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