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June 2020 Tech Update Newsletter


Insider Threats - The Worst Data Breaches Caused By Malicious Insiders

Traditional cybersecurity approaches defended the corporate network from outside threats. However, in today’s complex landscape, security paradigms are shifting to protect your technology and infrastructure from insider threats. Importantly, this article provides an in-depth definition of insider threats, reviews real-life data breaches caused by insider threats, and offers three methods you can use to protect against insider threats.


Microsoft Begins Rolling Out The New
'Briefing' Feature

Microsoft has begun rolling out the new Briefing feature to Office 365/Microsoft 365 Administrative users. Briefing is a service that sends a daily email alerting you to upcoming items on your calendar. In this article, you will learn how you can use Briefing to prepare better for your workday.

Excel's "Ideas" Feature - A Great Way To Summarize And Analyze Data

Excel’s Ideas feature offers tremendous opportunities for you to summarize and analyze data automatically. With Ideas, you no longer need to write formulas or manually create formulas to get answers to your questions – Ideas does the work for you! In this tip, you will learn how you can take advantage of Ideas.

Work At Home

How eCommerce Can Keep Your Small Business Going Strong

Ecommerce can keep your small business going strong. The economy can go up or down. However, you can control your business destiny with an active eCommerce site and consistent promotion of your services or product. How do you build an ecommerce site? Discover tools in this article.

Adding Security To Power BI Dashboards

Many business professionals are turning to Microsoft’s Power BI platform to address reporting, analysis, and business intelligence efforts. As they do, one question that many have is how to secure a Power BI dashboard. After all, security is a prime concern for all business professionals today. It is an issue that we must address when dealing with virtually any type of sensitive and confidential data. Read on, and in this article, you will learn how you can secure the data in your Power BI dashboards.


K2 Enterprises Highlights
July Webinars

During July, you have the opportunity of participating in up to fourteen webinars that K2 Enterprises has developed and produces. Each of these sessions provides great content and equally important, the opportunity to interact with an instructor in real-time. You can obtain more information or register for any of these sessions by clicking the button below.