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July 2020 Tech Update Newsletter

Selecting A Small Business Accounting Solution

Selecting A Small Business Accounting Solution: Five Keys For Success

If are selecting a small business accounting solution soon, now is a great time to be in the market. Today, you can choose from many feature-rich options at affordable price points. But how can you maximize your chances for success when selecting – and implementing – a small business accounting solution? Read on, and in this article, you will learn five keys for success when making your decision.

Converting and Importing PDF Data Into Excel

Converting And Importing PDF Data Into Excel

Did you know that you now have the option of converting and importing PDF data into Excel? If you are running Excel through an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription, this feature is now available to you. In this tip, you will learn just how easy it is to import PDF data into your Excel workbooks.


Blackbaud Ransomware Attack Reiterates The Need For Strong Cybersecurity Controls

Software publisher Blackbaud recently reported that the firm was a target of a ransomware attack. The attack, which occurred in May, affected numerous universities, alumni organizations, and other organizations that use the company’s administration, fundraising, and financial management software. In this article, you will learn more about the attack and what you can do to avoid becoming yet another victim.

Comparing Excel's Merge Cells And Center Across Selection Features

Merge Cells and Center Across Selection are long-standing features in Excel. You can use both these features to change the appearance of data in a spreadsheet. More specifically, you can use them to present data so that it centers across multiple columns. However, your choice to use Merge Cells or Center Across Selection matters! Choosing the wrong option can create undesirable outcomes in your spreadsheets. In this tip, you will get a fair comparison of these two features. Further, you will understand why one is preferable to the other in many – but not all – situations.

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