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March 2020 Tech Update Newsletter

Responding to COVID-19 with Remote Access? Pay Attention to Security!

As the world comes to grips with COVID-19, many businesses are responding by encouraging team members to work from home. The rationale behind this action is to reduce the possibility of a contaminated team member encountering other team members, and potentially contaminating them. Unfortunately, not everyone has thoughtfully considered the security ramifications of encouraging team members to work remotely. Consequently, many of these new remote workers may potentially and unknowingly compromise sensitive information. Read this article to learn about five security best practices you need to have in place in these environments.

Solve Formatting Issues in Excel with Center Across Selection

Many Excel users struggle with formatting their spreadsheets to give them a polished and professional appearance. Among the challenges these users face is how to center text over multiple columns.  Learn how you can use Excel’s Center Across Selection feature to solve this problem quickly and easily in this tip. Also, learn how Center Across Selection differs from Excel’s Merge & Center feature, which often results in “downstream” formatting issues.

Outsourcing Tasks Can Do Wonders for Your Small Business

Technology now plays a significant role in virtually every type of business. We can’t know it all so that outsourcing tasks can do wonders for your small business. Whether it’s updating your website and social media pages, tracking your sales, planning your marketing strategy, or merely taking payments, technology is a must-have element for running a successful company. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to know everything there is about tech-related tasks to get the job done. For pretty much every task that calls for technology, there is an opportunity to outsource. Outsourcing tasks when you don’t have the expertise is wise.

Security Toolkit

Security Toolkit: Data Protection Best Practices for CPA Firms

The world of cyber and data security moves at the speed of light. Technologies and security programs are in a constant state of flux and evolution to anticipate and then counter a threat matrix that never sleeps and never stops changing. The cold, hard reality is this: No CPA firm is safe from having their data targeted by hackers and hacker groups with bad intentions. Whether you’re a C-suite executive at a big CPA firm or an IT lead at a smaller accounting organization, you need to be armed with the latest security best practices and resources. You need a security toolkit!

Cetrom is here to help. We’ve compiled the following list of best practices and resources that will bolster your CPA firm’s data security defenses against a pervasive and relentless enemy that’s always scratching at the gates.

This article was written by the team at Cetrom, a provider of Cloud-based IT infrastructure. We thank them for sharing this content with our readers.

Advantages of Starting an Online Shop and Easy Ways to Start

It’s hard to overstate how much the internet has revolutionized the way you conduct business. Both consumers and producers operate in ways that would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago. Instead of having to open physical stores and advertise through tangible mediums, companies can now start an online shop quickly and easily and begin reaching customers online. With 79 percent (see source) of Americans opting to shop online, it’s clear that this trend is mutually beneficial. Companies get to save on operational costs, which results in lower prices for buyers. If you’re considering opening an online shop, here are some ways to simplify the process. 


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