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June 2021 Tech Update Newsletter

What's New In The Spring 2021 Windows Update

By now, you may be aware that Microsoft’s Spring 2021 update to Windows 10 is available. Further, because Microsoft released the update on May 18, you may be already using it. This article will explore some of the new features available in the latest release, named “21H1.” 

How To Nail Your Email Marketing In 2021

Nowadays, the digital marketing world is a diverse universe with a choice of many different strategies. This article should teach you how to nail your email marketing in 2021. Meanwhile, to better understand why email is so effective and how to use it to grow your business in 2021, keep reading.

The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack: Lessons Learned

Epson PowerLite 1795F Projector

By now, most are familiar with the ransomware attack committed against Colonial Pipeline. In this article, we will examine what happened, what Colonial did in response, and what we can do to reduce the likelihood of becoming another ransomware victim.

K2 Enterprises Highlights
Upcoming Webinars

The K2 Enterprises team is pleased to offer two webinars during June to help you improve your efficiency and proficiency when using technology. We invite you to join us in one or both of these sessions.

June 28, 2021

    • K2's Mastering the Excel Macro Recorder
      Excel macros are a compilation of keystrokes and mouse clicks that are memorized and stored for later use, but you don't have to be a VBA programmer to make use of this outstanding functionality. Simply use the Macro Recorder to create and store macros that will save time and reduce errors in repetitive processes. This session provides the necessary knowledge to use the Macro Recorder effectively.

    • K2's Microsoft Outlook - Tips, Tricks, and Advanced Techniques
      Microsoft Outlook is the most utilized e-mail, contacts, and calendar management application in the world today and with the latest release of Outlook, Microsoft ups the ante with more powerful and time saving features. The familiar folders, categories, and rules are still there, but have you tried Quick Steps or used the People Pane? What about Conversation View, the Out-of-Office Assistant, in line replies or forwarding, or the confusing People Cards? Did you know that you can share your calendar with just a few clicks, or use the Scheduling Assistant to find the next free meeting time for all expected participants? These and other new features will be covered in this session, along with many tried-and-true tips and tricks to help you better organize and manage your communications, calendar, and contacts.

      You can obtain complete details for each session, including learning objectives and registration information, by clicking on the session titles above or clicking the button below.