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April 2022 Tech Update Newsletter

It's Technology Conference Time!

Christmas Tree

In addition to improving weather, Spring’s arrival means that it’s Technology Conference time again. Speaking for the team at K2 Enterrises, with certainty I can tell you we look forward each year to unveiling the new Technology Conference sessions we develop each Winter. And for 2022, we believe we have our best lineup ever!

Keep Your Online Business Secure

Excel's Easy to Use LARGE and SMALL Functions

Business owners need to beware. As a result, we’ll discuss the most popular ways to keep your online business secure. Online and offline companies face multiple but vastly different threats. And while offline firms are on the target of burglars, online companies must protect their digital assets. These strategies are different when talking about online and offline businesses. Both must implement security strategies to protect themselves.

Five Automation Opportunities To Explore

Automation is one of the leading business opportunities available to most organizations today, with almost limitless benefits. This article explores the benefits of automation and five specific examples of automation opportunities you may want to consider soon.

K2 Enterprises Highlights Web-Based
Learning Options

The K2 Enterprises team is pleased is pleased to offer approximately 200 web-based learning options. Topics include Excel, QuickBooks, business intelligence and Power BI, workflow, security, and many others. You can obtain complete details for each session, including learning objectives and registration information, by clicking the button below.